AADES Workshop (See All)

AADES Awards Ceremony (See All)

Virtual School Project: SEGUK (See All)

New Zealand Cityscape: ZachCCNZ (See All)

 A collection of images taken from the amazing NZ build by Christ College's ZachCCNZ.

Art Crimes in Cairns AADES (See All)

 After running three Skoolaborate workshops in Victoria and Queensland at three Distance Education Schools involving 45 students from years 8 to 12 celebrated artist Daniel Wallwork aka Wally selected 5 students from each school to come together in Cairns for a week long collaborative graffiti culture exercise.

Art Crimes: DECVAU (See All)

Youth Activism in the West & Middle East (See All)

 These are some in-world snapshots taken during the World Affairs Council's presentation in Skoolaborate on December 1st, 2010.  The topic of the conversation was youth leadership projects and activism with a focus on the middle east.  Speaking at the event was Greg Tuke, whose background includes working with amazing, youth-oriented organizations such as Bridges to Understanding and MercyCorps’ Global Citizen Corps.

DobbySEGUK's Airport (See All)

 A collection of photos from DobbySEGUK and TekkyTCUKUK.

Frontier Learning Network 2010 (See All)

 Some selected shots from FLN's 2010 projects.

Human Rights SEGUK - 2009 (See All)

 SEGUK's Warden Park developed around human rights issues around the world by recreating famous landmarks from different countries and bringing attention to freedom of speech, modern slavery, and censorship.

Water Issues in Africa Event (See All)

 In-world and real-world photos taken of the Water Issues in Africa Event hosted by the World Affairs Council in America.

Jidaimatsuri 2009 (See All)

 Photos taken of the Jidaimatsuri Event hosted by Kyoto Gakuen School in Japan.